Masaaki Mori

森 まさあき


Mori was born in 1955, he has been inspired by Ray Harryhausen since when he started 8mm motion picture then started writer as a special effect film in SF visual magazine ‘Starlog’ (Japanese version), when he came to know about Syd Mead for the first time. He joined CM production ‘animation staff room’ to learn about motion control computerized filming. He experienced miniature filming, slit scan, beginning of computer graphics, and worked to create commercial films, titles of emotion (BANDAI) and so on. He became independent to know about clay animation, and he produced TV program opening clay animation like ‘Garagarahebi ga yattekuru’. He also produced ‘KRONOLOG’ a documentary film of creativity of Syd Mead. He has been working for lots of creative works and also teaching in Animation course at Tokyo Zokei University, also a vice chairman of the university.