Nobuyuki Takahashi

高橋 信之


Nobuyuki Takahashi is a planner and a producer born in Tokyo, 1957. His motifs are various mainly about ‘a boy’s dream’ and expands to ‘life style in future’, ‘technology and industry’, ‘communication with entertainment’ and ‘international exchange and education’. Takahashi has expertise in Animation, SF movies, video games, toys, and digital devices and has deep relationships with many magazine editors and movie directors. Takahashi has founded Studio Hard Deluxe for publishing and visual design, also founded cyberdine corporation for character designs and rights management, and transmedia corporation for human resource management. Takahashi has joined several other companies as an advisor, producer or investor such as GAINAX Co.,Ltd. He also supported animation director Toyoo Ashida to found Janica (Japan Animation Creators Association) and its participation for The national health insurance union of Artists.