Takeshi Nozue

野末 武志

Film and Animation Director


'Takeshi Nozue joined 'SQUARE CO., LTD in 1999 and worked for many titles such as FINAL FANTASY IX and UNLIMITED SAGA.

In Game CINEMATICS MOVIE career, Nozue took Movie Animation Supervisor for FINAL FANTASY X and Movie Director for KINGDOM HEARTS series, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY XIII, and FINAL FANTASY XV.

In Film career, he took co-director for FINAL FANTASY VII advent children and became Director for KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV.

Final Fantasy XV has sold 5 million on the first day of release in the world, it is needless to say that 'FF' is one of the strongest Japanese contents accepted by global fans. 'KINGS GLAVE' as Final Fantasy's preququel is a creation using the latest technology and globalization vision of the gaming company start expansion to other field. Nozue is the top creator for the latest visionary Japanese gaming industry.