Tomu Kawada

川田 十夢


Tom Kawada was born in Kumamoto-prefecture in 1976. Kawada first worked for a Sewing machine manufacturer in 1999. Just like the ‘future resume’ he wrote for its interview, he made what he wanted to actualize in the company such as total web design and server design, design global post order system, creation of patent technology idea to connect sewing machine and internet. He became independent in 2009 and started activities as one of three brothers of ‘AR brothers’ unit. Main appearance on TV; ‘Waratteiitomo!’, ‘Jonetsutairiku (MBS), ‘kagaijugyo Yokoso-senpai (NHK)’. Recently he started other projects in Hiroshima, Shibuya, and Roppongi-hills. He is also a regular navigator for radio J-Wave ‘Innovation World’ from 22pm on Friday. Tom Kawada is a passing-by talent who do not choose categories.