Kyoto By the Sea


With the concept of touching the nature around Kyoto, we have invited cosplayers to explore the sea, the forests and the tea fields in the neighbouring areas, taking local transport to get a feel for the area! This page looks at the experiences that the cosplayers that went to the woodland area experienced!

There may be some parts that were created especially for the cosplayers and are not able to be booked.

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Start: Mimaru Karasuma Oike 


An early start on a chilly Autumn morning the day after Magic Kyoto 2019!

We took the train and headed to Nippon Rent-A-Car to pick up our car. With that we headed on our adventure to Kyoto by the Sea about 2 hours away. 



Address: 9 Higashikujo Nakatonodacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8048
Phone Number: 075-681-0311


Brief Stop On The Way:

With such an early start, it was necessary to pick up some breakfast along the way. So we stopped off at Tanba-Ajimu-no-Sato on the highway, which had a variety of souvenirs!


Location:〒622-0232 Kyoto, Funai District, Kyotamba, Sone,Shinshino65-1
Phone Number: 0771-89-2310

Amanohashidate Chionji Temple

First real stop on our two day adventure at Kyoto by the Sea, Amanohashidate Chionji Temple! 
Chionji Temple is located in Amanohashidate, a place that is part of what is called the Three Views of Japan, the other two being Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture and Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture. Chionji Temple is also called “Monjido” and is a temple dedicated to wisdom of the gods and those that achieved enlightenment but delayed going through to Nirvana to help others. With Amanohashidate being part of the Three Views of Japan, it means that there are a lot of spots that allow for visitors to learn and experience along with have amazing scenic views! 



Address:〒466 Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0001


Amanohashidate Rental Bicycle (Tango Kairiku Kotsu., Ltd.)


30 minutes. 30 minutes total to go from the south of Amanohashidate to the north over the large sandbar that spans the bay. 30 minutes. It was a long and tiring bike ride, but we made it! “It was a lovely ride, but so tiring!!!!” was one of the things that one of the cosplayers told us. It’s possible to rent the bikes to go one way or both ways and you can take your time going through the pine trees that span the sand bar. 


Amanohashidate Rental Bicycle (Tango Kairiku Kotsu., Ltd.)

Rental Period:2 hours for 400 Yen。200 yen per additional hour
One size of bike only, no childrens bikes available.
For safety purposes, those that can’t touch the floor while seated will not be permitted to rent a bicycle.

Old Nagashima Family House


Lunch was held at the Old Nagashima Family and we had a brilliant bento box(Japanese Lunch Box) that we got from the nearby Plaza Hotel Kissuien
After paying 200 Yen at the reception you can have the chance to go in and relax inside this traditional old house! 
This Edo Period built house was home to a samurai, and is the perfect location to take in both the sea and nature and just take some time to reflect!
What’s more the bento box we had included Tango-grown rice which is seen as the best rice in Japan and extremely tasty! 

Built in 1840 and relocated and restored to it’s current location, this is a traditional farmhouse. 
Some of the exhibits that are available to see are, “Handmade Japanese Paperworks” and “Traditional Tools”, there are also chances to try hands on classes! 




【Phone Inquiries】0772-27-0230
【Open Times】9am~16:30
【Charge】Normal Adult 200 Yen/Elementary・Junior High School Student 50 Yen 
【Holidays】Mondays・New Year Period



Hotel Plaza Kissuien

Address: 943 Mineyamacho Sugitani, Kyōtango, Kyoto 627-0012

Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park

On the north side of Amanohashidate is Kasamatsu Park, a observation point that looks over the whole bay area, and has been a point of interest since ancient times! 
We started our way up to the peak by using the cable car, but there are also lifts available it seems as well!


The cable car company is operated by  Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co. and they will take you up to Kasamatsu Park where visitors have made a unique way of looking at the scenery famous, Looking at it through your legs! 
On your way down it might be best to use the lift which runs in parallel with the cable car, which gives an amazing overlooking view of Amanohashidate. 


The view from Kasamatsu Park is called “View of the Rising Dragon” or [Shoryukan]. due to the way that it looks like a dragon rising from the bay. It makes it even more interesting by looking upside down! 
You can see from the Park the whole view of Amanohashidate, which stretches the whole Miyazu Bay, cutting it off from the Asomi Sea. It makes for an unbelievable view.
The park itself is located about 130m above sea level.



■Operating Dates
Cable Car      Operating all year round
Open Air Chair Lift         March 1st- November 30th
■Operating Times
Cable Car 4 minutes 
※Max numbers per car: 75 per car (not accounting for wheelchairs)
Ran every 15 minutes ( in times of large numbers of guests run more frequently)
The cable car runs based on the seasons, so please be aware that times of the final car are subject to change.
Open Air Chair Lift    6 Minutes   
From 9am to 4pm (In times of bad weather, the lifts will be stopped)
    One Way    Return
Adult    340 Yen    680 Yen
Child    170 Yen    340 Yen
※The tickets are available for use on both the cable car and lift.

Amanohashidate Kono Shrine

After coming down via the open air chair lift, we headed towards Konojin Temple and on the way our noses picked up the amazing smell of chestnuts and Matsutake mushrooms! The chestnuts were super sweet and tasty!

Kono Shrine is also located on the Tango peninsula, part of Amanohashidate.
This is also known as the former “Ise” and hometown of Ise Jingu.
There are many different places in this area where you can feel the strong connect to this shrine, and you can see and feel that this shrine has been an important part of Japanese culture since ancient times.


Address: 430 Ogaki, Miyazu, Kyoto 629-2242
Phone: 0772-27-0006



Founded in 1936, Kuska produces and weaves and sells silk products that are hand-made in the Tango area in Kyoto. 
All the products are dyed and completed in the Tango area, and they showed us the journey high quality ties take on their way to be made!
It was amazing to see how Kuska makes products, and what type of products they make in the factory found in the Tango area! 
It was amazing to see that reasons behind the process and we even had the president of the Company Yasuhiko Kusunoki guide us around the factory!


Rather than taking less time by doing everything by machine, he explained that things were done by hand to make everything have a softer feel by being able to weave in a feeling of air into the silk. 
After feeling the finished product we definitely felt a difference in texture.


TEL : 0772-42-4045 

Visiting hours:Weekdays: 10:00~15:00

Schedule:【Factory Visit】20 minutes【Hand weaving experience】2 hours

Charges:【Factory Visit】Free【Hand weaving experience】4,000 Yen ( this experience is currently suspended)

Information needed:Name・Address・Age・Sex・Occupation・Number of participants

※It is possible to buy products at the factory. For those that wish to do so, please contact us.

※There may be days where visits to the factory might be unavailable. 

Chirimen Highway Former house of the Oto Family

The Chirimen Highway is a street that has existed and flourished as a hub between Kyoto and the Tango area. 
Even today, you can feel the oldworldliness of the area, hearing the sounds of the machines used back in the early production days, and the buildings that come from the late Meiji and early Showa eras make the area feel like you’re stepping into another world!
What’s even more, with the area having a deep connection to Western culture, the buildings are mainly white walled and full of traditional Crepe textile (chirimen) merchants. 
It was in 1863 or so that the Old Oto Family house was built, a family that focused on this special production of silk. 
Its all these things together, the white walls, the silk latticed windows, and the rounded glass street lights that gives a sense of fused Western and Japanese culture. On March 26th 2002, Kyoto Prefecture designated as a special Cultural site. 



■Entrance Fee
・Elementary/ Junior High Schooler:100 Yen
・General Public:200 Yen
Group(Over 8 people)
・Elementary/ Junior High Schooler:50円
・General Public:150円
Address1085 Kaya, Yosano, Yoza-gun, Kyoto 629-2403
Operating Times:9AM- 5PM
Holidays: Every Monday (On days where the Monday would be a public holiday the next day will also be closed)/Beginning and End of the Year


Kimono Rental Guide Tango Chirimen

With Chirimen being home to a variety of silk producers, it would be remiss to not try out a kimono experience! With dozens of 100% pure Tango Chirimen silk to choose from, you can be dressed by a professional kimono dresser and have them choose the perfect kimono for you! 

It’s quite hard to wear a kimono for a whole day, but to have this chance to experience wearing a traditional kimono, is an amazing thing to try out!

It’s perfect for those that wish to take a step back in time and try out this traditional experience!


Kimono Experience plan

Hours of rental:Up to 4 hours 14,000 Yen


「Yutaebei」Vacation Rental Home
( Centrale Hotel Kyotango)

Yuutaebei is a vacation rental home that is run by Centrale Hotel Kyotango! 

Located in Yuhigaura on the beach side, it’s a beautiful way to watch the sun set on the ocean. 

With this place being available for up to 10 people, it truly is an amazing vacation home. 

What’s more, with a supermarket available nearby, you can cook together in the kitchen and have a mini party! 


With everything included, bedding, towels, amenities, and kitchen utensils, you can have a brilliant time!


Address 372 Aminochō Hamazume,Kyōtango, Kyoto 629-3245

Closest Station Kyoto Tango Railway Yuhigaura-Kitsuonsen Station

Number of guests 8 People(Max 10)(Single beds×2、Futon set×2~8)

Check In 15:00

Check out 11:00

It was an incredible experience, something that I’m sure that none of us will ever forget!!! For anyone that wants to try out or learn more about the activities please use the contact form to get in touch!