Kyoto By the Sea


With the concept of touching the nature around Kyoto, we have invited cosplayers to explore the sea, the forests and the tea fields in the neighbouring areas, taking local transport to get a feel for the area! This page looks at the experiences that the cosplayers that went to the woodland area experienced!

There may be some parts that were created especially for the cosplayers and are not able to be booked.

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Kyotango City, Yuigagaura Beach


The Yuigaura Beach is a beach where you can see beautiful sunsets.

It is an impressive beach on the north facing coast which has a stunning blue color that is slightly different from the image of the Sea of Japan due to its wide range of shallow water.

The sunset from spring to summer is beautiful, and it has been selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan.


Location: Aminocho Hamazume, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

Tayu Tango Chirimen (Tayu Machinery Co. Ltd,.)


We went on a tour of Tayu's factory where they weave and dye fabric!

Tayu makes fabrics with a special technique that involves skillfully twisting it in special water! 

This is done by a twisting machine that further twists the raw yarn wound around a pipe while applying water. The thread is twisted with a predetermined number of twists.

This brand is highly regarded by major maisons in the “Tango Textile Exhibition” held in Paris every year as well as in Japan.

The factory tour is amazing!


Even the general public can tour the factory. Of course tourists come and visit, but also school excursions and students studying textiles also come to visit!

You can visit around 60 looms that are actually in operation. (However, it does not operate on Sundays and public holidays)


Company name: Tayu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Location: 112 Asamogawa, Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
Contact: TEL.0772-72-0307

・ Free Entrance

・ Car, microbus, medium and large bus parking available

・ For groups: Reservation required (the bus will be guided. Please call for details.)

Hatcho Bay

IMG_6572 (1).jpg

Beautiful clear shallows and perfect white sand! A beach unlike any other on the Sea of ​​Japan! It’s such a beautiful place to visit and awesome just for a time to chill out!

In Summer, it is crowded with bathers!


It is also known as Asamogawa Beach, and with the way it’s designed and kept, it is a beach that is hoped to be used for many future generations.

There is a parking lot available as well!!



Hatchohama Beach
Location: Asamogawa, Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto

Shimago Shrine (Taro Urashima statue)


Amino-cho, Kyotango city is a place related to the famous biography “Taro Urashima” in Japan.

The shrine where Taro Urashima was celebrated is Shimago Temple.

There is a stone structure of Taro Urashima on a turtle at the shrine, and it is said "If a pregnant woman touches the turtle, a good baby will be born, if a clean hand touches the turtle, a long life is ensured, if you touch the turtle's head, a great future is foretold".


Location: Asogawa, Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto



Pizzeria where you can eat authentic Neapolitan pizza!
Many people can come here from outside of Kyoto Prefecture to eat this pizza.
Mr. Fujiwara, the owner and chef, has a brilliant background with taking 2nd place in the World Pizza Competition.


Store owner-Hideo Fujiwara

The owner Hideo Fujiwara was born in Amino-cho, Kyotango City in 1978.
After graduating from high school, he first came into contact with  Napoli Pizza at a part-time Italian restaurant.
In 2004, went to Italy and studied in Naples.After returning to Japan, in 2006, he refined his skills at the famous pizza restaurant “Pizzeria Ristorante Sakuragumi” in Ako, Hyogo, and in 2008 went to “Kobe Kitano Hotel”. In the meantime, he participated in a world tour of pizza held in Italy (2012), and his original pizza was recognized and was ranked second in the world in the Fantasya category.
Mr. Fujiwara, returned to his hometown, and renovated a part of his family shop, a fresh fish shop, and in 2017 opened a small shop called “Fujiwara Fresh Fish Shop uRashiMa” with only 6 counters!
It is a thriving shop that has received a lot of media coverage!

Since the store has 6 seats, we recommend that you make a reservation for eat in or you can take out so you can take it out and enjoy the view of Tango! !



Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday: Thursday
Location: 328-5 Asamogawa, Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto 
Average price: ¥ 3,000- ¥ 3,999

Frutti di Mare 2400 yen (excluding tax)
A luxurious pizza with a savory flavor
* Sazae is a different ingredient depending on the season.

Komaneko -Konpira Shrine


Konpira shrine’s “Komaneko(Stone Cat)” is a rare guardian cat deity in Japan.
Usually, the symbolic symbol that must be found in shrines is the “Koma Inu(Stone Lion-dogs)”, but the Konpira Shrine has a very rare “Komaneko”. It’s very cute!

But why cats? The reason is related to the birthplace of Tango Chirimen.

Tango Mineyama is the birthplace of Tango Chirimen.
About 300 years ago, in the Edo period, the technique of crepe weaving here was established here.
Chirimen helped to spread the word of Tango, and Mineyama soon developed as a prosperous land for silk fabrics, in fact as one of the nation's largest! 

The town of Mineyama was lined with chirimen wholesalers and yarn stores, crowded with weaving companies from the Kansai region, as well as weaving companies in the surrounding villages flourishing, and farmers using silkworms to produce silk. 

The main enemy of silkworms are "mice and rats". The rats eat and destroys the silkworms and cocoons, causing serious damage to the farmers. That's where the cats come in! With cats being kept in the same room, mice and rats were chased away and the culture was saved!

So these guardian deities were seen as "the guardian gods of weaving" in this area of Tango.



Konpira Shrine Office
Location 1165-2 Mineyama Izumi, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
Telephone 0772-62-0225


It was an incredible experience, something that I’m sure that none of us will ever forget!!! For anyone that wants to try out or learn more about the activities please use the contact form to get in touch!