Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Representative for Enhance, and head of the Synesthia Lab.

A masters graduate of Keio University at the School of Media Design, and is a specially appointed professor of the school. 

He has created a vast amount of amazing games, and is now, with the idea of continuing and promotion of the Synesthia experience, carrying on his work. 

In 2001, he announced his first game [Rez] a game that combines music and video in an ingenious way. following this success, he created [Lumines] in 2004.
In 2010, he was Director behind the acclaimed [Child of Eden], and then went on to work with VR versions of his previous critically acclaimed games [Rez] and [Lumines]. He followed this up in 2018 with [Tetris® Effect] a heavily visual and musical version of [Tetris®] which also allows for VR.
In 2019, after the creation of the Synesthia Suit in 2016, he showed of the Synesthesia X1 - 2.44 which is said to give the user a total sensory storm.
Media Ambition Tokyo(MAT) Director. Founder and Board member of EDGEof.

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