Woodland Kyoto


With the concept of touching the nature around Kyoto, we have invited cosplayers to explore the sea, the forests and the tea fields in the neighbouring areas, taking local transport to get a feel for the area! This page looks at the experiences that the cosplayers that went to the woodland area experienced!

There may be some parts that were created especially for the cosplayers and are not able to be booked.

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Start: Mimaru Karasuma Oike + Mimaru Shinmachi Sanjo


An early start on a chilly Autumn morning the day after Magic Kyoto 2019!

After renting a car at Nissan Rent-a-car big enough to fit a whole group of cosplayers in we headed off to our first location Kurotani Washi Japanese paper making factory.


Kurotani Washi Japanese paper making


Upon arriving at Kurotani, we were greeted by Mr. Yamamoto the owner of the traditional paper factory, who explained the processes behind creating traditional Japanese paper, which has been around for about 800 years! 

As we walked through the factory, we got to watch as a master papermaker worked the rack that would collect the pulp that goes into making the paper. We then went through to the paper drying area, where each piece of paper is slowly peeled away and then put on a boiler to dry. Mr. Yamamoto then went through questions how different thickness and styles of paper are created.


After we went to the main part of the factory, where we got to create our own paper that would be sent to us after it's finished! Overall it was an incredible start to a trip! We then had a look through the exhibition on paper that they had in the main reception building and then we headed off to lunch in Fukuchiyama.



3 Higashidani, Kurotani-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto 623-0108

OPEN HOURS (Paper making experience):9:00~16:30

*The last experience starts 15:30

CLOSED: Saturday, Sunday, national holidays

Yanagimachi (Chicken restaurant)


After finishing up at Kurotani, we headed off to a place that specialises in locally sourced chicken dishes. What looks like a simple house from the outside actually was a traditional styled restaurant! Their main dishes being chicken dishes were Oyakodon ( Chicken and Egg rice bowl), a Karage (Fried Chicken) set meal, and a creamy chicken set meal. They also offered single pieces of karage so you could try them as well! The verdict was split on which was better, as all of the dishes were done to perfection!!!


Address:〒620-0022 Kyoto, Fukuchiyama, Shitayanagimachi 21

Prices Start from 900 Yen


Fukuchiyama Castle

yanagimachi to castle.JPG

We had a lovely time and brief break at the restaurant and then moved on to the last big attraction of the day, Fukuchiyama Castle which was only about 5 minutes by car! We had no idea what was waiting for us, when we pulled up to two samurai protectors!

They guided us up to the main castle area, and awaiting us was a whole cosplay set for us to try on!! We spent some time getting changed and then we had an impromptu photoshoot in front of the castle with the two samurai! We then got to go around to the entrance so we could get a few more pictures and then headed straight to the top!

From there we had a brief explanation on the reconstruction of the castle and got some time to look at the exhibits that were in the castle. Most of it was in Japanese, but they said that they were looking at both allowing photos in all of the castle not just certain exhibits and having English explanations for them. We then said our goodbyes and headed to our accommodation for the night in Miyama in the mountains!



Address:〒620-0035 5 Naiki Fukuchiyama City

Time Open: From 9:00 to 17:00 (Entrance: up to 16:30)

Regular holidays/closings

Tuesday (When Tuesday is a holiday, it is open and the next day is closed.) , December 28 to December 31 and January 4 to January 6



15-minute walk from Fukuchiyama Sta. on the JR Sanin Main Line or on the KTR Miyafuku Line


Miyama Futon and Breakfast

Castle to Miyama.JPG

From Fukuchiyama Castle, we drove to our accommodation for the night at Miyama Futon and Breakfast. We got the keys to our own little thatched house, and when we got inside, they had prepared things so that we could have our own little bbq inside!! It was a little difficult to get started, and cook but it was an interesting and fun experience to have!


BBQ Prep


During BBQ 

We also got to try Wild Boar meat and venison and chicken that were locally sourced as well as a mountain of vegetables!!!! The fire pit was in the middle of the big room that connected a room with beds as well as rooms that you could lay out futons to sleep on!

The shower and bathroom were big and had all the amenities you would expect of a large hotel! On the outside there were areas that would be perfect for summer, but being the beginning of the colder seasons, we couldn't really use them. 


Address:Hanabusa-29 Miyamachōshima, Nantan, Kyoto 601-0751, Japan

Prices: 49,400 Yen Per night ~ 59,900 Yen Per night 

The price is the same for up to 5 people and then an additional fee per extra person (7,000-8,500Yen).


Miyama Futon and Breakfast


After resting in our beautiful cabin for the night, full of bbq and snacks, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, with the forested mountains being kissed by the sun, creating a magic scenic delight. Some of us went for a walk in the slightly brisk morning air, and were able to get some amazing pictures of the area. We headed in to eat a selection of vegetables from the night before and cereal and fresh milk from the area that was provided by the management company for the houses, and then set off for the rest of our adventure in the Woodlands of Kyoto!


Address:Hanabusa-29 Miyamachōshima, Nantan, Kyoto 601-0751, Japan

Prices: 49,400 Yen Per night ~ 59,900 Yen Per night 

The price is the same for up to 5 people and then an additional fee per extra person (7,000-8,500Yen).

Kayabuki no Sato (traditional Thatched roof Village Miyama)

After a 15 minute drive from our own little thatched roof house, we arrived at Kayabuki no Sato, a whole village filled with those traditional thatched roof houses. We parked in the parking area and walked towards the village, where we were greeted by Kei Nakayama, our guide for the village! His English was superb meaning that it was easier to ask various questions about the village as well as learn about things that would be normally left unknown without researching. It costs approximately 100,000 Euros to fix just one roof we found out and can take up to one month or so to finish and we also found out how they deal with fires with village wide sprinklers!


After our guide left we had some free time to walk around, and we stumbled on a hidden shrine on a path that led towards the mountains, as well as a much larger shrine that seemed to have a lot of history behind it. Some of us as went to one of two cafes found in the village that features amazing gelato made from local milk!  We finished up checking out this amazing village, and then headed to our last (planned) area of the day for lunch, luckily located about 5 minutes drive away in the Nature and Culture Village Kajikaso!


Address:〒601-0712 Kita Miyama-cho Nantan City



Get off at Kita stop by Nantan City Bus from Sonobe Sta. or Hiyoshi Sta. on the JR Sagano Line

Miyama Kajika (restaurant)


We arrived at Miyama Kajika, a wonderful stunning building that looks like a bit wooden hut! We walked inside and was greeted by an amazingly big open hall and then in front of us we saw our restaurant in front of us. At the restaurant we could order a variety of different wild delicacies such as wild boar or deer! There was also local chicken dishes available as well for those that didn’t want to go for the boar or deer. They had many ways to serve the meat as well such as in a curry or fried set menus. They even had udon and soba meals with the different meats included!!! It was delicious!!!

That unfortunately brought us to the end of our tour officially, but we had a long drive ahead of us so we stopped off what was Kansai’s number 1 Ice cream location Miyama Milk studio and then we found our way kyotanmiso to pick up some local made miso soup paste!! We finally arrived back in kyoto in time for dinner and went our separate ways. It was an incredible experience, something that I’m sure that none of us will ever forget!!!


Miyama Nature & Culture Village – KAJIKASO 

25 Agake Shimo, Miyama Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0722

Prices from 700 Yen

It was an incredible experience, something that I’m sure that none of us will ever forget!!! For anyone that wants to try out or learn more about the activities please use the contact form to get in touch!